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The path to success

I’d like to start out by telling you the story of a friend of mine, who just like you, made this journey earlier. (Although I think you will make the right decision earlier and as a result you will achieve your goal faster than she did).

Stacy graduated with a major in psychology in the mid 1990s. She got a job at a cancer clinic where she was helping people to be strong and feeling positive in order to able to fight their illness.

In those years, the demand for this kind of help was tremendous. You can see by the fact that she got the position without any real work experience, just an undergraduate degree.

Pretty soon, however, she got tired from her job. I imagine it must be draining to see people fighting for their life everyday and in a way lying to them to make them feel better. However, she could not leave the job at her will, because she already had a family that needed her support.

She continued to work at the clinic, but she was very unhappy which made her tired everyday and somewhat depressed.

Finally, she found a position at a university as an Assistant Professor. Little did she know? This position was even more draining; she was working with unruly students, correcting homework until the wee hours of the night and replacing other teachers every other day because of mental fatigue.

Although, she was able to support her family at the salary she earned, but at what price?!

Once again Stacy started to seek out alternative options. That is when I met her at a conference. We immediately hit it off and after learning about her life, I suggested for her look into medical writing.

Following discovering a variety of opportunities in medical writing, she couldn’t believe the potentials this profession offers.

She registered to some writing programs, including medical writing and launched her freelancing business fairly quickly. Over the next 1-2 years, she did go through the well-known fame-and-famine cycles; nevertheless she loved what she did.

First of all, she worked from home, so she could enjoy seeing her children any time; second, she could rest when she felt tired, she did not have to report to bosses that did not appreciate her dedication and she actually made more money than in any of her previous full-time positions.

Today, Stacy is still her own boss and derives great satisfaction from her work. Her earnings are over the top; she takes frequent brief vacations, and she actually looks better than she did 10 years ago.

I once asked Stacy, if given an opportunity, would she do anything differently? Her reply was enlightening:

“When I started out in medical writing, I had to make my own way. There was no one there, initially, to point me in the right direction or help me unlock my potentials. (I did not want to bother you, so I never told you about my uphill battles).  I made a lot of mistakes in those early years. I wish I’d have looked harder for industry resources – like maybe hire a mentor – to help put me on the fast track to success. Or, perhaps I should have contact you and ask for your help; but I was too proud. So, it took me much longer, and had to work much harder to achieve my goals. Despite all that, I am extremely happy that I found this profession. It changed my life to a one I enjoy everyday.”

There are many other stories, just like Stacy’s.  Yours could be one of them.

Finding your potential

Medical writing is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world today. There are literally tens of thousands of companies who need skilled medical writers in both full-time and contract positions.

You might not realize it, but medical writers can come from all walks of life: some are healthcare professionals of course, but many — perhaps even the majority — come with other backgrounds, including journalism, the legal professions, social work, information technology, psychology sand English majors, lab technicians, and even homemakers.

In a recent international event that I attended, the person that was sitting next to me came from Los Vegas, where he worked as a game dealer.  Can you imagine that? So I asked him how did he become a medical writer? He started to laugh and told me that he gets real tired answering this question.

Once he tells someone that he used to shuffle cards in Los Vegas, people become curious and want to know everything.  They cannot understand that it is not different than coming from the academia, or being an auto mechanic – I simply learned it.

If you have a decent command of the language, the ability and understanding of how to conduct a thorough research, and the drive that it takes you to see your dreams come true, anybody can become a medical writer.

The first step: exploring the possibilities

“But,” you say, “I don’t even know where to start!” To which we answer: “why don’t you start here?”

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Helping you in realizing your dreams

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No cost, no fluff, no commitments

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That is a horrible way to “trick” people into something they did not expect. I would add, that this practice nearly borders on unethical.

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