My subscribers often have a conversation about how to find sales themes and rising trends through search engine queries. So, masthave (!) To search for new store ideas and other topics: the initial analysis follows popular Yandex queries (when you start typing a phrase in the search box and it issues popular queries).

Next we go to Keyword statistics on Yandex or in Google Trends Top Searches. Both services give out how much and in what variants they request this keyword, how popular it is and show various variants of the query with it.

Further we use soft:

1) Magadan. Parser keywords Yandex.Direct: This program automates the work described above.

2) YaOnAir Yandex “live” keyword parser: – this program tears out requests from Yandex, which are being requested right now, is very curious.

It is interesting to find out what they are looking for right now in search engines. To satisfy curiosity, there are services for monitoring search queries:

one) lmgtfy – requests to Google

2) yandex – Live broadcast requests to search for Yandex. See what people from different countries are looking for right now.

3) fastkeywords – Russian keywords online. Is free. Daily updates (statistics of popular requests).

Interesting sales inquiries can be filled with the initial keywords – “buy”, “where”, “how”, “why”, “what” … Who will find their good beginnings of such sales requests – tell me I will be grateful 🙂

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