I do not know why the word “writer” elicit such a variety of feelings in us, but it does. Some of us dreaming about becoming a writer, but never take that last step needed for this becoming a reality (instead of a dream).

Some of us involved in business writing, correspondence-types of writing, or working as administrative assistant in the executive offices, but never would consider ourselves, writers. Why? In our eyes, writers are authors that write books.

Then there are those of us that teach writing at various levels, yet once again, we do not consider ourselves writers, because, although we are teaching others how to write well, we, ourselves, do not engage in writing.

Well, here is my conclusion: YOU ARE ALL WRITERS. (And I did not even discussed digital writers)

This is where our problems are rooted. We are confused about the word “writer” and rather than discuss it or attach various adjectives to the word, we take the easy road and declare that although we write a lot, we are NOT writers per say.

That is wrong and we know it. So I’d like to declare, that if you are here and reading this page you are writer and you should be proud of it.


The second part of my question is:


Are you interested in becoming a medical writer? Or perhaps you are a medical writer but you’re interested to learn regulatory writing? (I know it is confusing, but I’ll explain it in a minute).


If your answer is positive to either one of the questions, you have landed on the right resource site. Why?




  • Not everyone is at the same level of experience
  • Not everyone’s talent is in the same writing areas, and
  • Not everyone is interested in developing expertise in the same “branches” of writing.


That is one of the reason this website was created.

Our aim is bringing out the successful writer that may be dormant within you, using our knowledge, experience and know-how.

How are we planning to make your life richer and more enjoyable? How will we help you to reduce your working hours, yet make more money?

Easily, but a lot will depend on you as well.

We evaluate your basic strengths, then build them up to their maximum potential and beyond:

  1. We take stock of your education.

  1. We assess your experience.

  1. We ask you some questions to find your passion and genuine interest.

  1. We guide you (or suggest a path) to the right area of writing (and it may not be within our programs if your aptitude direct us to an area where we are not active.)

  1. We propose a program for you, based on the information we collect through the appraisal phase, as described above.

  1. Within the proposed programs there may be some that are offered by us, and some obtainable from other knowledgeable leaders/teachers in the field.

I am sure you are aware of the unlimited options you have as a writer; but in order to be the best you can be, you may need to train yourself and grow in the “right writing business.”

Once you complete the correct educational programs (if needed) you will write only outstanding or higher articles, manuscripts, regulatory documents, promotional materials, white papers and blog/web contents. You will be able to obtain clients that pay well (or maybe the clients will look for you), and that is all that you need for:

  • Enhancing your opportunities in the areas of your interest.
  • Obtaining high-paying clients easily.
  • Gaining the position of your desire.
  • Getting more of the “right” targeted traffic on your website (if you have one); if not we will guide you to set up one ASAP! (also take a look at Kristine’s page; she is the one who created this design)
  • Increasing your subscribers at the speed of lightning with a high conversion percentage.

The same process applies for your offline ventures. But we really want to assist you to be present in the online community, if you are not there yet. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a website and/or a blog for your business or for job opportunities. We also work with top writing experts; so we will be conducting various joint venture programs – all for your benefit. Of course, the final decision is yours. We do not know everything about you, like your personal situation, your financial status, or your desires and motivations.

However, if you are reading this, we assume that you are interested to enhance your expertise, or maybe even changing career? The principal message we would like you to take with you after reading this, is this:

We are working very hard to develop such high-value programs, as home-study e-courses, tutorials, and guidebooks, because we want you to consider our site as a “single stop” for everything you need to succeed in your endeavors.

  • You may want to enhance your earning power by adding additional expertise to your current writing proficiency, like medical writing.
  • You may seek to find a great company to work for, or you may decide to start your own consulting business.
  • Perhaps you are ready to take a u-turn, and change your career completely.

The possibilities for you are really endless. Another benefit for joining us is that you do not need to make a decision on your own.  As we already said above, you can always consult with me; but we also work with other experts in various sub-specialty areas of medical writing that you will have access to for consultation. We are not ready with every program we are planning to develop, but if you will subscribe to our FREE newsletter, you will always be the first to know when new programs and/or services are available.

How to select the right opportunity for you.

We know that you have a variety of options to learn. There are universities that provide programs of interest to you, there are private institutions that are running after your money and there are professional associations that offer programs with certificates. Each has its own benefit and drawback.

1. University programs run for a minimum of two years and in most programs you need to register full time; meaning, you are unable to work while studying. Moreover, more frequently than not, the classes are run by graduate students that teach theoretical concepts. It is nice to know how the medical writing profession was born, but it will not get you the six-figure job nor it will lead that high-paying client to your door. You need practical education, with hands-on experience and real life examples to follow.

2. Institutions has nearly the same problem, plus most of their programs are segmented. It is nothing wrong with that if you are not in a hurry to start to earn more money.

3. In private companies’ programs you need to evaluate the teachers? What is their experience? What they provide for your money? Are there any reviews about their programs? And when we are discussing reviews you have to make sure that it is not written by their family, friends, or hired reviewers. The same applies to testimonials. Did you know that people/companies can make up testimonials, or providing some kind of incentives for a good recommendations? So do not fall for those.

4. Programs run by professional associations could be a good option, provided it is thought by experienced people. You see, the most important thing in selecting where to study a new profession, or enhance your current one, is who are the teachers/mentors. There is no substitute for real life experience. For instance, I worked over 25 years as a “hand-on” medical writer, so whatever I am teaching/coaching is based on those 25 years. Theoretical programs maybe fine, but will not be enough in succeeding in a new position, or in your new consulting business.

* * * My principal plan is to teach and to act as a mentor and/or coach to any writer (irrespective of the stage you are), to people interested in becoming medical writers or regulatory writers (with any background) ; and in general to people that would like to be able to make a comfortable living with the writing-type of their choice from home.***


+++ We are planning to publish posts twice a week; we will try to keep a schedule for Tuesdays and Fridays.! +++

We also appreciate your input. Please let us know any time if you want to learn and/or read about something; we will make every effort to respond to your request, and if needed, we will research your topic and write a thorough report about it.  

I came to this country not as a child, but with two young children, without knowing a single person, and without speaking the language. The first thing I did after I settled down is went back to school (of course first I had to learn the English language).  I went, and I went, and I went – for 8 years, until I became a pharmacist. I was the happiest person on this earth. Then I learned that I know much more than just  counting pills, so I was seeking to find a place where I can use my eight years of education.

It was not easy, but I landed at a Nursing Home as the Chief Pharmacist, where I felt that I was finally really useful. I was protecting the aging population from being over prescribed, under prescribed or not prescribed at all. But there were still many undesirable “side effects” to the position, like being cane-whipped in the elevator, so I continued scanning the New York Times during weekends. One day I saw and ad for a medical writer position.  I read the ad a few times, reviewed my resume and I said to myself: “What the heck, I should give it a try.”

And I did, and to my huge surprise, I was hired on the spot. And that is how my medical writing career got off the ground.  I never looked back to the practice pharmacy, although, the education was very helpful throughout my career path. While working full-time, I was also one of the individuals that developed a very successful training programs for entry level individuals, aside from working with some of them on a 1:1 personal coaching level. To date, I keep some of the thank you messages I received from people, including the ones designated me as a “people’s person.” I keep a few particular messages in which the writer told me that he/she learned more working with me for 2 months, as compared to working for the company for 2 years or more. These messages were the greatest reward a “mentor” can receive.

The truth of the matter is that I love teaching, I enjoy working with people and apparently it shows. These people made my life more fulfilled and contented.  This is what I am planning to bring into this web site. Following working for nearly 15 years for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, at various mid-level positions, including within the clinical research and regulatory affairs departments, I decided to go “solo” online. The principal reason I decided to leave a well-paying position and entering into the unknown world of consulting is, that I wanted to widen my experience. You see, I spent the majority of the years within the industry in the regulatory department, which is a very good experience but restrictive with respect to writing (there is no creative writing in the regulatory areas).

And “widening” I did.

During the consulting years (which is still ongoing), I was fortunate to obtain a wide variety of projects, some of which were actually completely new to me. But you would not know from the final results. This is one thing that you will have the opportunity to learn – how to accept and work on projects you have never done prior to the current proposal and deliver a stellar outcome.

And now I cannot conclude this section without mentioning

My online experience.

I have learned many valuable information and know-how  through participating in programs developed and lead by such online giants as Chris Garrett, Corbett Bar, Derek Halpern, Jon Morrow, Andrea Vahl, Laura Roeder, Mari Smith and more.

To build a thriving audience and earn enough income to support yourself online, you have to build something that actually matters.

That is what I learned from Corbett Barr, who runs an outstanding program, named: “How to Start a Blog that Matters.” I highly recommend it for anyone starting to build a blog. By completing Corbett’s program, you will be way ahead of your peers and competition and you’ll know that you have a great chance of success.

If you are not completely new in working online, you know that being “expert” in your subject matter and writing with the competence of an authority is one of the most important thing you need to master. That is where Chris Garrett’s “Authority Blogging Course” comes in handy.   By completing this program you will learn how to gain the respect and trust of people you are seeking to serve.   As an “authority blogger” you will build customer loyalty that will result in more opportunities and enhanced profits for you.

Jon Morrow, Andrea Vahl, Derek Halpern, and Mari Smith, are all specialize in helping you to strengthen your online presence, guiding you in taking the right path and providing you with tools needed for your online success.

Jon, although his latest project is about traffic, is well known for teaching people how to “guest post.” It is not an easy task; who wants to work for free? But that is his charm – to make it easy for you. We all experienced the uphill battle with this, but to date  this is one of the best tools for building a targeted traffic on your site, provided y

Andrea Vahl (a.k.a. Grandma Mary) is a well known and highly respected author, speaker, and educator about Social Media. By now we all know the importance of Social Media in our success of failure. Her latest venture, Social Media Management School, is a highly successful program that churns out experts that cannot stop raving about the curriculum. Andrea does not stop in helping and mentoring her students once they complete the course; despite her jam-packed programs, she makes herself available nearly 24/7. It is a very rare thing to find among her “leaders’ crowd.” If you are thinking to add another income-producing profession under your belt, or you may just want to know how to manage and navigate your Facebook, her program is definitely worth your time and money.

Derek, the genius professor, is an expert psychologist melted into an aggressive marketer. This is an explosive combination, so you need to be careful not to get too close. His “Build a Blog that Converts” is one of the most successful educational program for bloggers. Why? Because Derek truly wants you to succeed so he gives his all.

Laura focuses on helping small business owners  with various social media programs, but she jumped to “fame” with her well-known program that teaches people how to gain fame (that sounds funny). She does not mean “Hollywood Fame”, but rather known in your niche. She believes it is extremely important to thrive to be the person/site that people go to for advise.

Her latest venture, LKR Social Media Marketer,  is focusing on online educational programs. These programs are well-written, accompanied by either a video or a podcast-type presentations  and people just love her style. She prices her programs, dough, not for start-ups unless you are one of the lucky ones that is funded by angels or by Kickstarter investors. Nevertheless, paying for Laura’s courses and other educational programs worth every penny. (or shall I say every $$$$?)

There are many other experts, educators, coaches or just information providers on the Internet. You just need to identify those you find the most helpful for your endeavors.

For instance, I belong to many groups of “Masterminds” but none as professional, as valuable, and as pleasant as the one run by Scott Fox of Click Millionaires. I found this group by purchasing Scott’s book . It is an excellent resource, that I use nearly daily to remind me the things I learned from his book. I am not sure if Amazon offers an option to read some excerpts from the book, but even without it I would say you cannot go wrong to purchase it except gaining knowledge by reading it.

I do not receive any commission or special benefits  for recommending the book. Do not forget the Mastermind group, where I found the most cohesive group anywhere where everybody is eager to help one another. They are amazing.

I hope that you will consider us as one your principal resource; we will certainly make every effort to be here for you.

Conclusion (I heard that TG)

Well, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, your interest and for the time you spent reading this page. You are a great trooper and I am forever indebted to you. But know this:

  • At Medical Writing coach we are here to serve you
  • We will respond to every question as fast as we can
  • We are constantly seeking to find new tools, new avenues for growth, and new opportunities for your success.
  • We want you to be able to enjoy what you do, creating a life style you are dreaming about, and own a website/blog that is very active with targeted readers/visitors.
  • We also want you to be able to grow and learn new things every day through visiting our site

There are plenty of writers on the internet; some appear to be a bit self-centered, but most seem to really care. You want beyond care, beyond good, beyond expert – that is how you will outshine and outperform your competitors which also means better life style, and larger bank account.

We can also help you setting up a professional blog, helping you in managing your Social Media, writing your posts and/or professional writing projects, and more, all at the very reasonable  price.

Watch for our membership program special, COMING SOON with lots of goodies.

Many people actually wonder and asking us how we can afford to provide all the programs and services we are planning to offer for a ridiculously low price.

Our Secret is: WE CARE. We have been there, done that – now it is your turn to shine.

I have high hope for this blog, because I am eager to “handover” my knowledge to you and I know you are eager to accept it.