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What is Medical Writing Coach all about?

The name says it all. We’re successful medical writers that have decided to give something back.

We believe medical writing is a highly respected profession that provides great opportunities to writers and aspiring writers.

There are multiple misrepresentations circulating in the public domain about the requirements/qualifications needed to become a medical writer. (i.e. you need a medical degree, or you need to be a healthcare professional); we will debunk most of them.

Becoming a medical writer lets you:

  • Create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family. The flexibility of the profession allows you to live your life on your own terms. Imagine that?
  • Gain credibility. People hire individuals that they perceive as “experts” in their field.Medical writing professionals experience an easier time in establishing themselves, their business, and their website as “authority” in their specialized field. As an authority they can command more earning power, as compared to others without the benefit of the title.
  • Command a nice income.  Opportunities in earning a relatively high income are nearly limitless for medical writers. Higher income leads to enhanced self- confidence, which leads to further progress toward success.

If you’re thinking in becoming a medical writer, you’re in the right place.

Our plan for this website

We have a large variety of educational, informational and highly useful developments in store for you at Medical Writing Coach.

Our long-term plan includes:

  • Easy-to-learn, mix & match tutorials. You select the tutorials in the areas in which you want to specialize. Each of these programs is created by experts in their particular field.
  • Educational blog posts. The majority of the posts at Medical Writing Coach will emphasize education, learning and helping you discover new ways to improve your writing and your business. We won’t waste your time with fluff, copies of other blogs’ posts or articles about subject matters that are discussed to death throughout the blogosphere, unless we also offer a real-world solution next to it, that you can implement.
  • Ebooks. We’re building an on-demand electronic library you can use whenever, wherever you are. Among others, this will include guidebooks that provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating a wide variety of medical writing documents.
  • A membership program with great value is coming soon. What is a membership program? It is a program that provides you access to nearly everything we produce continuously at an incredibly low monthly fee.  For instance, we will be conducting every two months a webinar, we are currently producing e-books and guide-books with different interest, we are preparing an e-course that you can take anytime and anywhere at your convenience and more. As a member, all these great informational products are for you to enjoy without any additional costs.

What that means to you?

For instance, you maybe interested in covering professional meetings. You pickup the guidebook that covers this topic in a step-by-step fashion, follow the directions, and walla! You have created a professional, marketable document.

  • Coaching. It’s right there in our name: “Medical WritingCoach.com.” We offer private, individualised and group coaching to writers and aspiring writers to help developing their skills needed to succeed in the profession.

We also offer “confidence building” programs to get rid off your unwarranted fears and concerns.

While we’re talking about coaching, you should know something about me. I absolutely love to teach, and it shows. I’ve been told I’m a people person, not just because I enjoy working with people but also because people learn when working with me. While working full time, a colleague said she learned more from me while working with me for two months, as compared to working within the company for two years. This is one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received in my career.

The right coach for your medical writing career

It’s essential to know your mentors, coaches and educators when you decide to change profession, or expand your current expertise.

Take a look at my background. You’ll see I’m fully qualified to help you get ahead in this profession. There’s more to it, however.

What is more important than anything is this: I absolutely love what I do. My greatest reward is following you succeeding.

We’re also interviewing successful medical writers with a variety of backgrounds so that you can learn from their experience and become inspired to be successful on your own.

A little bit about me

For many years I worked as a medical writer for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology       companies. For the past decade, I’ve done so as an independent consultant.

I have earned a graduate degree in pharmacy and have also completed a significant number   of graduate level courses in human psychology, drug information, literature evaluation, clinical research, regulatory strategies and more.

I have completed residencies in drug information and educational programs.

Why did I leave a well-paying profession to enter into the unknown world of an independent consultant? The answer is simple. I wanted to widen my experience. I spent the majority of my years within the industry in the clinical research and regulatory affairs departments. This was wonderful experience but it was also rather restrictive with respect to writing. (There is no “creative” writing in regulatory areas).

During those years I also volunteered to mentor and teach entry-level colleagues. Up to that point I did not realize how much I love to educate and coach.

This soon became the most satisfying part of my job. The beautiful thank you messages that arrived in my inbox nearly daily were the primary incentives for my long-term stay.  These people made my life more fulfilled and contended. I felt like I was making a difference in their lives.

The same difference I want to bring to you through this website.

But I also had some wonderful teachers about the Internet’s workings. When I started blogging, I didn’t even know what blogs were all about. I just liked the idea that I can write something, publish it, and some people might even enjoy reading it.

Today, I feel quite confident in teaching others about how to blog effectively, how to develop a website with a strong potential to succeed, how to use social media in enhancing your business and how to be outstanding in a crowd.

I can guide you in understanding content marketing, guest blogging, affiliate marketing, creating a blog that boosts your income, writing with authority, and more.

Why was this blog created?

I have high hopes for this blog. I’m eager to transfer my knowledge to you and I know you will be delighted receiving it.

The principal motivation for crating this blog was my reading. I like to read, mainly non-fiction books, and kept reading about writers’ struggles in supporting themselves by digital writing. I’d read about how many potentially great writers are reluctant to start writing simply due to a fear of failure. They are concerned about the lack of sufficient information/resources for starting (or expanding into) a career in medical writing and more.

At Medical Writing Coach we’re here to serve you. We’re constantly seeking to find new tools and opportunities for your growth. We want you to be able to enjoy what you do.

You should be able creating the life style you’re dreaming about. No more dreaming – just making it happen.

We want to help you become more than just good medical writers, more than just experts in your field. We want you to outshine and outperform your competitors, create a better lifestyle for you and your family, and have a thriving consulting business or a high paying job and larger bank account.

At Medical Writing Coach, you are always welcome

Please come back often. We’ll be sharing lots of how-to articles, tips, interviews with successful professionals, case studies, information and guidance in starting your own independent consulting business, how to teach others what you know, how to gain confidence in yourself, and more on all kinds of subject matters associated with the profession.

If you want to speed-up the process, I am running personal, as well as group coaching sessions. To learn more details about this opportunity, please read the “Coaching Programs” page.

Medical Writing Coach wants to be your principal source for learning the profession, for enhancing your expertise and for supporting your success.

We make it easy for you to keep updated, to learn about trends in a timely fashion and to get informed about jobs as well as consulting, freelancing and partnering opportunities.

Our goal at Medical Writing Coach is to inspire you to learn, to grow and achieve.

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It is free and we guarantee not to abuse your trust in us. We don’t give out this information to anyone.


Should you use shapewear while you work out?

Blame the rise of the health club selfie, or possibly simply celebrities, but the word “lift” is now just as likely to appear on the tag of a pair of leggings as it is in your weights program.

Looking “excellent” is not just to be expected after working out, however throughout it, with activewear assuring to contour behinds, and flatten tums. Engineered shapewear brand names have actually even moved into the market but are seriously expensive.

Apart from Australian activewear and shapewear brand La Sculpte. Their yoga pants and shapewear is some of the best activewear in Australia. The yoga tights are perfect shapewear for exercise due to their breathability, high-quality fabrics and comfortable designs.

They also have plus size gymwear which is ideal for those wanting to stay fit at any size.

While a high-waisted design and a thick spandex-based fabric is standard activewear fare, some brands go, even more, integrating thick panels across the stomach, or a “booty scrunch” (ruching diminishing the centre of the buttocks and– gulp– separating the cheeks).

It is, in effect, shapewear for the gym. How does wearing it impact your workout?

Obviously, super-tight exercise wears that “holds you in” is not new. Compression garments– tight-fitted, synthetic activewear items (normally leggings and shorts) developed to “compress” the muscles and improve circulation– have actually been on the marketplace for years.

Research continues to recommend compression garments do not enhance performance, there have actually been some smaller sized research studies that have revealed they can have an advantage post-workout, reducing muscle soreness and tiredness. (It should likewise be noted that most of these research studies included athletes wearing the garments for much longer than the average person would: often for as much as 72 hours after exercise.).

Personal fitness instructor and director of Sydney’s Flow Athletic fitness studio Ben Lucas says he wears basic compression gear (no booty scrunches here) when he exercises, and personally finds it to be beneficial in helping recovery.

Ultimately, he states you require to make sure your workout equipment is assisting you, well, work out.

“If you are feeling out of breath or too restricted for any reason you shouldn’t continue wearing whatever it is that you are wearing,” Lucas states. “Nevertheless that probably more comes down to the brand or what you personally feel comfy in.”.

He says there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing activewear that makes you feel confident standing in front of the mirror in class.

“People tend to feel better if they dress the part.”.

For Sydney yoga instructor Kirsten Scott, convenience and fit ought to be someone’s primary issues when selecting activewear. Although, this isn’t always incompatible with selecting a brand name that claims to “contour” your body.

“The rule is to wear the tightest set you can get on comfortably, that you’ll also have the ability to wear for a sensible amount of time,” she states. “This means joints in the right place [i.e. that run in line with the shape of your body], and firmness around the muscle, most importantly.”.

Scott adds that she really motivates people to navigate in their activewear after class, advising someone uses compression leggings for a minimum of an hour after their workout to maximise their benefit.

Which brings us onto a slightly more sensitive topic: if women are investing lots of time using tight, sweaty trousers made out of the thick artificial products this brand-new brand name of activewear as shapewear is understood for, should we be concerned about how that can impact vaginal health?

Probably not, according to Jean Hailes medical director and gynaecologist Dr Elizabeth Farrell, who points out women should not be too anxious about using activewear after class unless they are already experiencing a vaginal health problem.

“A yeast infection is intensified by garments that do not breathe or are too tight, but they do not trigger the infection,” she says.

Yes, you ought to be able to consume a post pilates latte in your lift leggings. Now, go forth and health club selfie.